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Juul Pods


Nicotine Strength


  • Pack of four JUUL pods
  • Each JUULpod should deliver around 200 puffs before it needs changing
  • JUULpods contain 0.7ml of pre-filled e-liquid
  • 5% nicotine by weight (50mg nicotine)

 Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Non-Oil Food Grade Flavorings, Nicotine

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Fast delivery

I ordered Friday, and my pods came in Saturday afternoon. Speedy service, and it’s always been what I ordered



Problems: air bubbles, leaking, lots of wasted juice !

This is my second order of tobacco juul pods. I am pretty disappointed to be honest - I am gearing towards going cold turkey when these pods run out so I do not have to waste my money again. Unlike my other shipment which rarely leaked, I have been experiencing leaks on a nearly daily basis. This is not only annoying as then you have to take the pod out, dry the inside of the vape as well as the pods, it also is wasting the very expensive juice! Secondly, every time you draw in, an air bubble is produced inside the pod. This impacts the second draw meaning you get less of a hit. To address this I must pull the pod in and out of the vape to allow space for the air bubble to be released. How annoying! I didn't realise until a friend told me - I thought it was something else to do with the flavour losing it's potency after the first draw and had been switching between pod flavours to address the issue (and thereby removing the pod which enabled the release of the air bubble). Thirdly, due to the pod system - I have lots of pods lying around with small amounts of juice in them (not enough for it to provide any sort of "fulfilling" draw). Again - more money wasted on expensive juice. If you don't care about wastage and the expense then this product is absolutely for you! For the others - think twice about investing in a product that charges big bucks for a completely average product (and when you are doing regular shipping overseas this adds up - sort it out - ASOS did). Dani


Easy ordering and quick delivery

Delivery to Hong Kong

Nicely packaged (even with a Juul retail box) included, it was a relatively small order to test this one out and it came on time and in good shape. will definitely return.

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