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Out of the 24 pods I got, all but 8 of them were leaking. Sticking to the official Juul pods. Otherwise great service from smokehousevapez as always.

Good stuff!!

Thank you!!!! Product was in Perfect condition

Naked 100 Collection
Best Mango

Was looking for something similar to juul mango and this worked perfectly. Definitely recommend

Flavor is great. Fantastic customer service

Excellent flavor and fast delivery

Would recommend other to buy they are really good service and product.

VGOD SaltNic Collection

Don't you have 25 mg?

Ziip Juul Compatible Pods
Good Service

The pods came fast and taste great. Thanks for the great service!

Ordered Strawberry

Ordered Strawberry pods 6%, got 0% with Betel nut which made me super sick, will order again but if it occurs again will blacklist.

4X Juul Compatible Pods

Loved the ripe mango and blue blackberry, they were awesome! Fairly leaky tho

Okey, but just okey

I tried the multipack and found that I didn’t really love any of the pods flavor, but still they were okey. So would half-recommend

Very happy

Fast shipping and good prices.


Fast shipping, exactly what I expected.

Juul mint pods

Package came just as ordered. No complaints!

Amazing deal!

I have only tried one of the empty pods but it worked great with no leaks. The shipping was fast and how can you go wrong at $2.99 a pack. I will definitely be ordering again.

Found them!

Love mango juul pods.

Yay! Love to see the smile! We’ll always have em for ya.
Mr. Fog is Fantastic

The prompt delivery and service is the best I've seen from any website and Mr fog (Grape) was excellent.

Great vape shop

Thanks so much, continuously fantastic

basic kit

pretty fast delivery and works just like it shuld.


Solid pods. Had a feeling they might be fake cause you can't trust any websites nowadays but they are def legit.

The package was late and when it arrived the package was in horrible shape. Thankfully, the pods were okay (so far!).

Ordered and delivered to Aus within the week. Super impressed, good quality. Some pods were faulty, but that might be down to the shipping company being a bit rough with the packages. Other than that, good prices, great service and friendly customer support staff.

Good alternative to JUUL pods

Ordered 4 different flavours of the Eonsmoke juul compatible pods to ship to Aus. Was delivered in roughly a week, but a pod from each packet was damaged/leaking. Pretty good odds though tbh. Super happy with their customer service and great prices too. 100% recommend.


Decent pods! Delivery was late.

Awesome flavors

Original is delicious and my new favorite.
Strudelhaus captured the pastry flavor. Wasn't quite what I expected but I love it.
Gold smells a little syrupy but the taste is a great honey/cream/tobacco. I like Juul's Virginia Tobacco sometimes and this is a nice alternative.

Milkman definitely didn't disappoint!


I’m not happy. Not only did my order take a week and a half to show up, but when it did it was damaged because the box was in only a flimsy bag to protect it. Two of the pods were crushed and unusable. Waste of money.

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. It seems you ordered when we had a stock issue. We'll resend your order immediately and include an extra pack of mint pods for the inconvenience. We'd like to prevent these things from happening but sometimes it does. Always feel free to contact our customer service via email at We'll fix issues like this ASAP.

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